First Pathway

The first reaction pathway that I added to my model was the JAK/STAT pathway. I was hesitant to add my own pathways to the model for the fear of accidentally deleting previous work or adding an incorrect pathway. However, after overcoming that initial fear I began to model the JAK/STAT pathway. This pathway began with the phosphorylation of the JAK2 protein by activation of the Angiotensin II receptor and Angiotensin II coming together to form a complex. The phosphorylated JAK2 protein then went to on activate the phosphorylation of STAT1 and STAT3 protein which formed a heterodimer, which is a complex of two separate proteins. This heterodimer is then transported to the nucleus. Next, the STAT3 protein and the cJun protein form a complex that activates the transcription, and then translation of the protein thrombin which ultimately assists the body in the coagulation of blood.

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