Final Summary Post

Now at the end of my 2017 summer research, I have developed a mature computer model of a cell illustrating the possible reaction pathways affected by hypertension and Alzheimer’s Disease. Although this model is not at a stage to begin transferring the model into code format it has significantly progressed since the beginning of this summer. To recap, I spent this summer using the program Cell Designer to build a computer model of the reaction pathways within a cell that is affected by hypertension and Alzheimer’s Disease. The goal of this model is to provide researchers with information to link hypertension with the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Hello all,

This summer I was part of a team conducting an impact evaluation on the nascent Monrovia Football Academy.

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Some Other Observations and a Short Digression

We can categorize matrix P by its Jordan normal form to deal with the problem.


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Stability Switches: Examples

When A and P are arbitrary 3 by 3 matrices, the system A – Pt where t ∈R can have 0,1,2,3,4,6 stability switches. I have found the following systems as examples.

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