Preparing the Evaluations

Hello all,

To collect data from participants, an planned an all-day event hosted at a football field in central Monrovia. We aimed to use three evaluations to collect data: an academic examination, a survey, and an art project.

The examination drew largely from the entrance exam given to MFA applicants in 2016, thus giving a potential advantage to students in the treatment and control groups who had seen a similar test before. The test consisted of three sections on math, science, and English. 

The survey was designed to evaluate gender views, empowerment, noncognitive skills, and ethnic views.

The art project also assessed gender views, though in a more qualitative way. Students were prompted to draw people like a doctor and a politician. They then wrote down whether they had drawn each prompt as a man or as a woman. Finally, surveyors were to moderate a discussion on how students chose the gender of their subjects.

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