Summarizing the Summer

I cannot believe that this summer is almost over. I am glad to say that my research went quite well. I was able to determine if CAV-1 and the TR mutant (S40T, K136R, L251P, V390A) are colocalized, and I was able to show the impact that one of those four TR mutations has on localization of the TR mutant. The next step could be observing the impact of another one of the four TR mutations to determine which mutation leads to the greatest mislocalization of this TR mutant; it will allow me to better understand the types of interactions that these mutations have in shaping the localization of the TR mutant. I am also interested in doing a time-lapse experiment using the confocal microscope to see when CAV-1 and TR mutant may be the most or the least colocalized. If there is a specific point of time at which they colocalize the most or the least, I would want to know the implications of those results. Although I have learned a lot about this TR mutant within the past two years, I know that there is so much more that can be understood about these TR mutations and that these TR mutations can help us better understand the functions of TR and its possible impact on the development of liver cancer. And, for that understanding, I will continue to conduct experiments on this topic as long as I am at W&M.