On the day that I conducted my research I experienced several challenges. Overall, though, I believe that the study was successful and allowed me to expand vastly my knowledge of research and development in developing countries. To prepare for the evaluation day, my partners and I trained 18 Research Assistants (RAs) on how we wanted them to administer each section of the surveys and exams. Many students as well as RAs showed up late to the site of the research, causing confusion and an inability to keep track of who still needed to take which assessment. However, we ended the day with an almost-complete set of both surveys and exams. In addition, it rained extremely heavily on the evaluation day. This impeded me in multiple ways. Most significantly, we planned on allowing students to play football while waiting to take different assessments or if they had finished. I also planned to play several games with the students to make the day more enjoyable and to create a more comfortable, laid-back environment. Both of these plans were hampered by the rain, although many students did end up playing football in the rain. In addition, I believe that the heavy rain might have contributed to some students not attending. Other than these setbacks, the evaluation day went well. I collected valuable data in a way that was appropriate for both the age and culture of the participants, which was ultimately the goal of this day.