Tel Megiddo

This summer I will participate in the archeological excavations at Tel Megiddo, a site in the Jezreel Valley of Israel, which has been excavated by no less than four different expeditions over the course of its history. The current expedition, led by Professor Israel Finkelstein of the University of Tel Aviv, has been running on a biannual dig schedule ever since 1994. The goals for this season include refining of modern archaeological techniques such as 3D modeling and mapping on site, drone photography, and the use of GPS and survey equipment to mark the location of artifact finds. The excavation also serves as a field school which aims to introduce volunteers to the basics of archaeology and the site’s history. This year the expedition will continue to excavate multiple areas on the tel including a Bronze Age Royal Tomb found during the 2016 season, and multiple Iron Age sites with possible biblical connections.

Risk and Resilience in College Students

Eligible participants will be chosen from the William and Mary campus as undergraduate students. Data will be collected through a series of questionnaires starting with a baseline session. The baseline questions asked should focus on family background and demographic information as well as behavioral information, beliefs, and opinions. Aspects about current and past mental health and physical health are also important to note in measuring risk over time and will also be asked in questionnaires. Follow-up studies should be conducted with the same participants. Qualitative studies will be assigned to specific participants who qualify. This includes more in depth interviews and questions about personal experiences and relationships. Other specific factors that will be measured are social support, help seeing behavior, college preparation, GPA, academic functioning and other variable aspects of the participants life that may be relevant at this time. This information will have to be analyzed using a series of models to show how the intersection of different factors affect each other. The analysis of further qualitative results should be used in conjunction with the quantitative analysis interpretation and to discuss common issues and phenomena that may be hard to quantify.

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Abstract: Dramaturgy Work on William & Mary Theatre’s 2018 Production of The Children’s Hour

    Set in a New England town in the 1930’s, The Children’s Hourtells the story of two boarding school headmistresses accused of having a homosexual affair, and the disgruntled student whose one malevolent lie ruins the lives of many people around her. It was the first play of American playwright Lillian Hellman, and a commercial, though controversial, success that paved the way for her later accomplishments and just as disputed career. Though an older piece, this play continues to be a timeless one; the warning of the consequences of gossip, rumors, and a culture of fear have as much validity today as in 1934. Especially in the era of fake news, this story of the power of a lie, and people bending the truth to suit their own will, continues to hold irrefutable relevance in today’s society.

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