The question I am hoping to answer in my research is “Is there a higher mortality rate for Black incarcerated women compared with non-incarcerated Black women?” The maternal mortality rate for black women is extremely high and it is important to determine if it is higher in the subset of black women in prison. The rate of incarceration for women is rising, although women still make up a minority of incarcerated persons in the U.S. (less than 10%). Black women make up about 25% of incarcerated women and it is important to know if their rates of maternal mortality is higher than that of black women in the general population given that the rate of black women is already higher than that in many developing countries. Maternal mortality in the US has been found to increase slightly and finding out if women giving birth in prison is contributing to the increasing rate is part of my research. A major social justice issue in incarcerated women is shackling during delivery and it will be important to understand how this factor affects delivery outcomes for both the mother and child.

Locative Media and QR Codes- Abstract

Locative media is a term first coined by Karlis Kalnins and is derived from a Latvian verb tense that declares a “final location of action” (Zeffiro, 2012). Christian Licoppe defines locative media as “any kind of networked service available on mobile terminals which is able to provide to users on the move some reflexive awareness of the location of themselves and or others, or of their mutual proximity” (Zeffiro, 2012).

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Sungbum Hong research blog

My research would primarily focus on performance and security improvement in GPU.

Unlike CPU that has been core compartment of the computer for very long time, GPU recently became crucial processing unit for the computer.

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