Megiddo Expedition

Megiddo, located in the north of Israel, is a notable historic and archaeological site because of its long, internationally connected history. This important site has been undergone a long series of excavations to uncover the structure of the settlement. This summer, I will volunteer and study at the Megiddo Expedition, part of the Jezreel Valley Regional Project, from June 23 to August 2, 2018.  In this process, I will engage in the six-credit field school, lasting six weeks. The field school introduces students to the full cycle of archaeology and provides students training in a range of archaeological technologies, including GIS, AutoCAD, and 3-D imaging.

This opportunity allows me to synthesize my interests in the ancient world, the built environment, and GIS through first-hand experience. My specific interest in studying in Israel derives from my fascination with the region’s long and meaningful history, demonstrated through its rich material culture. I will significantly enhance my studies of the Levant by attending this program, in which I will learn intensively about Judaic history and Levantine archaeology. Interacting with the material culture of Israel will provide me with tangible primary sources to propel my future study. Working under professional archaeologists will allow me to understand how the courses about the ancient world that I take at William & Mary are utilized in an international setting to study a specific region, and how those studies contribute to creating knowledge.