The Anticipation Builds: Preparing Data for Analysis

Hey y’all!

I’m so excited to send out my first research update! During my time in the lab thus far, I have been conducting an in-depth literature review of mentoring studies. The bulk of the literature focuses on youth characteristics that influence the mentoring relationship. These characteristics include youth environmental stress and behavioral challenges. I have only found one study that touches on mentor emotional background so I hope that I will be able to meaningfully contribute to the mentoring literature at the conclusion of my research! I will analyze mentor stress using two scales: The Risky Families Questionnaire, which measures early life and familial stress, and the Student Stress Scale, which measures previous or ongoing stress in multiple aspects of life. Combined, these two scales will allow me to not only measure mentor stress, but also will allow me to better understand the effects of different types of stressors on mentoring relationships. I will measure mentor depression using the CESDR-10 scale, and I will run analyses analyzing the relationship between mentor’s reported depression and stress levels.

In preparation for these analyses, I have been working on my data sets, making sure they are fully cleaned and ready to go. I am working with the data from Dr. Raposa’s longitudinal study which partners with two school-based mentoring programs, one in the United States and one in Mexico. These partnerships give us access to data on hundreds of mentor/mentee pairs from colleges across the US and Mexico, but before we can analyze the data, we need to enter, code, clean, and de-identify it. The data for my study is almost ready for analyses, and since I manage the data work for all Dr. Raposa’s mentoring study, I’ve also been training research assistants and working on some other data tasks. Additionally, we also do separate data work for our mentoring program partner organizations to help them improve their programs. So right now I am also working on a task for our partner in the United States related to mentor retention.

Check back next week for some cool findings about the relationship between mentor stress and depression and youth/mentor relationship satisfaction!


  1. This is so interesting! I can’t wait to hear about your future findings

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