June 7-14 Pyruvate Kinase Inhibition

Use of Molecules to Inhibit Pyruvate Kinase

With a method to measure the activity of pyruvate kinase, the research could begin. Next, the goal was to investigate the effects of various molecules on the activity of pyruvate kinase. This had to be done in three stages. In the first stage, the molecule modifies pyruvate kinase. In the second stage pyruvate kinase is allowed to react. Finally, in the third stage, a simple reaction occurs to make the product from stage 2 measurable.

The amount of time allowed for stage 1 and 2 affects the final result. Likewise, the amount of molecule used affects the final result. This means that reactions have to be done where only one of the three variables is different. On a given day, only one amount of molecule is tested. Therefore the time for stage 1 and 2 is varied and tested.

So far, in a week and a half, the effect of two molecules was tested. One of them, a molecule called catechol, inhibits pyruvate kinase. But the other one, hydroquinone, has an inconclusive effect. Therefore it will continue to be studied moving into the fourth week.