Training Complete

For the past few weeks, Dr. Hinton has trained me and my fellow summer lab members on various procedures and experimental techniques that are commonly used in lab. We have learned how to properly use the tissue culture room, which is a sterile room where we are able to culture various cell lines. There, we are able to treat our cells with different plasmids, giving them different expressions, and under treatment, we can see how these different expressions react under treatments. Along with that we have learned how to make more plasmids when we are running low. This process can be extensive, especially when they are multiple plasmids that need to be replenished. We used E. Coli bacteria to help culture the plasmids. Once the bacteria was transformed with corresponding plasmids, we broke up the cytoskeleton and other extracellular membrane proteins  to isolate the plasmids for further experiments. We have also learned how to do Western blots. Western blots help detect certain proteins with the help of antibodies that are specific to the proteins of interest. Western blots are done by first running a 2D gel with an electric current. After that, the gel is placed into a machine to transfer the data onto a membrane which allows for ease with antibody tagging. Training has gone very well so far, and I cannot wait to start my independent project.