Research Progress Update

Hello All!

We are now a few weeks in to the Summer 2018 research session and there are many developments I would like to relate.  After consultation with my lab mentor Dr. Shanta Hinton and lab alumnus Patrick Christian, I have added a computer-driven element to my project.  Using the Broad Institute’s open-source program CellProfiler, I have been able to characterize the effects of our protein of interest, MK-STYX, in thousands of different cells across more than a dozen different parameters.  This has helped further visualize MK-STYX’s impacts on autophagy factors like autophagosomes (cellular garbage trucks) and autolysosomes (cellular recycling centers).  Additionally, I have been utilizing the genetically refined BacMam virus to gain important insights into the inner workings of the cell.  This autophagy sensor lights up various points of interest and allows for them to be compared, counted, and analyzed across different experimental groups.  It has been an excellent time in lab so far, and with the help of Dr. Hinton and my brilliant lab mates, I expect to see many more intriguing research findings this summer.


  1. amzhang says:

    Hi Andy! Cool post! I would love to hear more about your project. What other experimental methods have you used in your autophagy project? Why did you choose to use CellProfiler and not ImageJ?

  2. kmreed01 says:

    Hi Andy, your project sounds exciting! What points of interest does the BacMam virus highlight?

  3. Great job on incorporating CellProfiler and BacMam virus into your project Andy! This is truly a novel way to visualize MK-STYX’s impacts on autophagy-regulating factors. I hope to be able to incorporate these into my projects within the next semester(s)!