June 18-26 Pyruvate Kinase Inhibition

Pyruvate Kinase Inhibition Continued

With the chosen method to determine the activity of pyruvate kinase, there are two stages where time can be varied. Initially, I tested the inhibition of pyruvate kinase after varying the time at both stages. Each molecule must also be tested at multiple concentrations. There were just too many variables of interest.

To streamline the process, I began to vary only one of the times at each concentration. The other time I held constant for each molecule on each day. After I have identified the most interesting molecules, I may go back and vary the other time.

Once I had stopped testing the other time, I began to get through more molecules. In the past week, I tested hydroquinone, dopamine, and hydrocaffeic acid.

I was also able to test other things. For instance, dopamine reacts with itself to form a colored molecule. The color of the final solution is how we test the activity of pyruvate kinase. To make sure dopamine’s reaction with itself doesn’t cause a false determination of activity, I tested dopamine’s reaction on its own. It did not turn out to affect the readings.

Going forward, there are other things to test like dopamine’s self reaction. Along with varying other conditions for the molecules that turned out to be interesting.