June Summary

During the month of June, I continued the major portion of my research this summer, recruitment. Using first-year experience, I was able to reach a large pool of incoming freshmen to the college. Once I got in contact with eligible students, I talked them through the process and gave out information about what to expect in the baseline and follow up surveys. Participants can expect one major survey before entering college and as they progress through college, follow up surveys will be distributed. The surveys ask about things like identity, family background, academic experiences, behaviors and emotions. It’ll be super interesting to see if any of these factors are associated with first-generation students.

An exciting update is I have gotten participants in the lab to collect payment for the baseline survey! It was nice to actually meet participants since most of my research deals with online data. Soon, after collecting some more data, I can begin to run statistical analyses on the data and begin to investigate the major questions in my abstract. One problem I’ve run across is recruiting freshmen at other universities. At one of our partner schools in Virginia, recruitment has been a challenge. Without access to the freshmen pool, there aren’t many ways to advertise our research and reach first generation students. I’m currently looking into the institution’s first year experience programs. It seems like I may have to visit the campus in order to recruit participants.