June: Full of Lit Reviews and Statistical Blues

My Honors Fellowship project has been off to a roaring start so far! Well, as “roaring” as nascent research can be. I hit the pages running in the beginning of the month, reading as much about resilience to mental illness, grit as a construct, emotional psychopathology, long distance running, and the benefits of mindfulness as possible. My job is reading- how lucky am I?!

Along with brainstorming came brainchildren in terms of statistical models, analytical methods, and survey formatting. As of now, I’m working with the Center for Open Science to Pre-Register my Honors Thesis. The COS is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas in order to accelerate scientific progress. Their goal, as is mine, is to tackle the most persistent problems of the modern day, such as “disease, poverty, education, social justice, and the environment” with rigorous, reproducible science. In order to register my ideas, I’ve been really narrowing in on my specific hypotheses, and analyses that I’ll run to explore them. In a way, I feel like I’m wading through the depths of statistical models and equations. I’ve been trying to keep the bigger picture in mind when it comes to multiple linear regressions and dummy variables (a legitimate term, I promise!), like creating a world where those with anxiety, depression, and any other mental health concerns are able to talk about their illnesses free of stigma, and to receive the care and resilience training that will help them thrive.

Cheers to June! Here’s hoping that July is just as fruitful.