A New Era

I’ve begun the process of data cleaning! I have a small subset of participants that I’m using to create my syntax file. I’m really just using this small set of data to create the code so when all the participants finish the baseline, I can simply download the data from Qualtrics and run the entire syntax. Cleaning up the data in this sense was really simple!┬áSince I’m focusing on the trauma aspect of first-generation students for my summer project, I don’t necessarily need all the data on my SPSS file. I removed a lot of the Qualtrics jargon from the file to make it a bit easier to zone in on my interests. Throughout the baseline survey, there are multiple series of questions that evaluate mental health. The scales I am looking into evaluate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other trauma induced disorders.

The one challenging bit has been prepping the data to run analyses. I always thought running the analyses would be the most difficult portion, but actually, it’s setting up the data. With nominal and categorical ranks, it was difficult for me to figure out how to set up the data. Should I average the scores or sum them? Do I even need the max and min? What about the standard deviation? These are all questions that become relevant when prepping the data. After talking with my advisor, she pointed me in the right direction. For the trauma scales, each scale has its own scoring protocol. For example, a PTSD scale should be averaged, but a different trauma scale would be summed. Some scales result in one total value while others have multiple total values. I actually like using SPSS way more than I expected!

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