July Update

For these past two weeks, I have been working to parse times of blinking traces in dyes R560 and RB. Blinking traces show intensity vs. time, following fluctuations in emissive intensities, and gives information regarding electron transfer kinetics. The purpose of parsing these traces is to separate early and late sections of the trace, and analyzing the statistical difference between the two. For R560, the dye’s structure does not change with excitation from the laser, so the blinking traces which show no difference when looking at the early versus the late components of the whole blinking trace. However, for RB, the dye undergoes dealkylation with excitation into R560, so the early and late components should demonstrate statistical difference.

When actually separating the traces and analyzing the statistical differences for RB, I found that the early and late times showed a significant difference. However, when analyzing R560, I found the same result, different from the expectation that the early and late times were supposed to be statistically equivalent. After this, I tried using a different parsing time in hopes of defining better early and late components, but I achieved the same result. This could also be due to a sparse set of data for R560, that is not representative of a true population.