The Next Phase of My MK-STYX/Autophagy Summer Research

Hello Everyone!

After concluding some exciting work on MK-STYX and its impacts on autophagy organelles, I will now turn my attention to how our lab’s protein of primary interest, MK-STYX, may impact the production of the essential autophagy component LC3-II.  This protein is essential to the generation of the signature autophagy vesicle known as the autophagsome, so quantifying a change in its cytosolic expression after activating MK-STYX would strengthen our hypothesis that posits MK-STYX as a significant player in the autophagy pathway.  Additionally, I will be working closely with my inspirational autophagy project teammates Emily Pickering and Y-Nhui Bhui to characterize the nature and extent of MK-STYX’s activation of autophagy-promoting transcription factors.  We will analyze how the localization of these crucial polypeptides may shift using Cell Profiler computer algorithms manual scoring.  I will post an update in a few days about my progress with the aforementioned topics and my research plans for the rest of the summer.

Sincerely, Andy Mattei