Week One at the U.S. Department of State

D.C. after a storm

D.C. after a storm

Hi there everyone, I am a rising senior here at William & Mary and am excited to say I am an intern with the U.S. Department of State for 10 weeks this summer. My blog posts may be a bit different from others you will read as I am limited in the amount I am able to say about my day-to-day experiences within my internship due to security protocols.

As a Biology major and an avid environmentalist, it isn’t too surprising that my career and life aspirations include working towards minimizing the effects of Climate Change. It’s a dream come true, therefore, to be working within the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs! Already I’ve had many moments while sitting in on meetings and discussing projects with the leaders within the office where I feel like I need to pinch myself. Never before have I been in such a valuable and empowering position where all the most up to date issues and concerns, both domestic and international, are at my fingertips – better yet, I’m able to help with the research and observe the meetings between the officials trying to fix them! After only completing week one, I already feel as though I have learnt an amazing amount not only about how to work in an office environment (pro-tip: don’t wear heels on your first day) but also about how collaborative environmental projects need to be in order to effect change.

It’s also been an amazing, althought very humid, experience to be living in D.C. for the summer already. Yesterday, I was able to go for a walk around the memorials after the rain – it felt so bizarre not being one of the usual tourists rushing around trying to see as much as I could. I am truly excited for the next 9 weeks and can’t wait to see how much I learn over the course of this opportunity! Thanks for reading!

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