Week #1 Update

The first of week of research has mainly consisted of control experiments to ensure quality measurements of future data collection. I have been working towards taking confocal microscope scans of newly arrived batches of fluorophore beads. These beads are used to essentially calibrate our photon detector and ensure we are receiving quality photon measurements during our actual experiments where we look at organic dyes of interest.  After these control measurements we were finding consistent counts with our 535-575nm batch of fluorophore beads under our 532nm laser. In addition to consistent counts, we also saw that this specific batch of beads demonstrated an appropriately physical round shape that is also another factor in determining the quality of the beads themselves.

With control experiments of these beads finished, we began to start scans of Eosin-Y organic dye under our 532nm laser. The overall goal for this summer is to continue with the data collection of EY on TiO2 substrates on both oxic (air) and anoxic (N2) environments. To achieve this goal intermediate steps must be taken. This partially includes a TiO2 control study, where I will be taking scans of TiO2 on glass and scans of just blank glass to properly quantify whether our sample preparations of EY on TiO2 actually have the TiO2 substrate. After this we are then able to properly determine whether our samples actually consist of what we desire. From this, we can begin contributing to our data collection of EY on TiO2 in air and N2 environments.