Week 1 of Remote Area Medical Clinical Operations


Hello everyone! I am a rising junior at William & Mary, and I am excited to have the opportunity to intern for Remote Area Medical for a little over two months this summer. My posts will be a little limited in the experiences I can share because of HIPAA laws, however, I am thrilled to share the experiences I am able to divulge with you.

I am pre-med and a psychology major, so it is not surprising that I chose to intern with Remote Area Medical, otherwise known as RAM. I was so fortunate to be chosen as an intern for this organization not only because I will be learning so much and receiving first hand experience in many aspects of the medical field, but also because in the few days that I have worked for RAM, I can see the depth of the impact that RAM has had and continues to have on aiding many communities, as well as their volunteer family.

I feel as if, at least from my own experience, and those I’ve talked to, RAM is the type of organization that you develop deep feelings for, and those feelings continue to grow the longer you are with the organization. I resonated with their mission statement, ” To prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free, quality health care to those in need,” and continued to fall in love with the passion and unity that everyone in the organization exhibits. This past weekend was our, the interns, first clinic of the summer, and while the clinics can be very long and tiring, they are the most spiritually rewarding. At the end of the weekend, you’re completely tired and worn out, but you come out with a smile on your face because you were able to help so many people get the healthcare that they need. Most people have traveled great distances, most staying outside the clinic over night, so that they can be at there when the doors open to receive care. What this organization has achieved is truly amazing and I am honored to be apart of the process.

During my first week I have been given many opportunities to lead and learn from those around me and to listen and care for the patients I have encountered as well as our volunteer team. I’ve learned how to set up,work, and lead patient registration, and checkout for both vision, dental, and medical areas. I have been inspired by the patients stories, as well as those of the people volunteering with RAM. This week has been truly amazing, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the summer entails.

To end every post I will try to insert a new RAM fact mostly because the history of RAM and why it was created is very interesting, so hopefully you all will find these facts as interesting as I did.

Fact 1: RAM was founded by Stan Brock who was a former English movie star. He starred in three American films in the late 70’s and early 80’s that were quite successful.