Blog Post 2

This week had an emphasis on reading scientific papers, such as those by Mayer, Quillin, Jee and many more. I even began writing a protocol for another study that incorporates ideas of many of these authors, such as the use of imagining when studying for life science courses (Fiorella and Mayer, 2015). This project, while I will not be completing this summer, is one I wish to pursue in the coming years as an undergrad here at William and Mary.

For my project, as I anxiously await the arrival of Emma Arents, I have begun drafting sections of my future (and hopefully publishable) scientific paper that do not require data. In other words, I have begun constructing the abstract, introduction and background portion of the paper. Within these, I have cited many of the authors to provide the readers with a context for why active (or interactive) learning methods need to be implemented more dramatically, but not entirely replace lecturing methods.

The coming week is expected to be much more interesting from a traditional experimental fan’s perspective, as we will begin constructing the methodology and procedure section of the paper and discuss possible ways to carry out this study. Are we to utilize high school students? College students? How rudimentary should we keep our lesson material?

All of these questions are expected to be answered by the end of the week.