Week 1 Progress

The first week of research consisted of preliminary research and planning for the rest of the summer. The week began with my first meeting with my advisor marking the beginning of research. We discussed expectations and goals for the summer. The main goal established was to create something that can be used by others in the future, so student researchers in the future can pick up where I left off. Three projects were established to meet this goal. By the end of the summer my aim is to create my own data set, a research poster reflecting my work for the research symposium in the fall, and a mini research paper. The main reason I am doing research this summer is to determine my future career interests. Is research for me? Is graduate school for me? What is government research? This study will help me to answer these questions.
My first task was to identify at least 20 sources answering questions regarding State Education Agencies, agencies tasked with implementing federal and state education programs and policies. They must also make sure these policies are carried out in school districts. I was told to find sources dealing with the (1) capacity of State Education Agencies to perform tasks (2) the performance of schools, students, and the agencies and (3) state education agencies contributing to or hindering equity in schools. I found that state education agencies are caught between meeting the needs of schools and the federal government. The preliminary research suggests that state education agencies lack the capacity to perform tasks. This upcoming week I am to continue finding sources and learn more about the topic.

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