Research Week 2 Snapshot

During the second week of my research with Professor Obasanjo, things went a lot better than the first week communication-wise. We were able to meet twice during the week where we discussed a few different assignments that would keep me busy for the next week or so. I also gained a better understanding for how the research that I am doing fits into answering the whole research question.

After completing the data set manipulation for the female prisoner population in the United States and the maternal mortality rate, control variables needed to be thought up for the research. So, I will be looking into opioid and/or drug abuse, the poverty and employment rate, and the percentage of minority persons within the United States to see how they factor in and affect the overall maternal mortality rate.

My second week came with a few obstacles research-wise, but my instructor was able to help guide me and provide alternatives when the databases we were looking at did not have the information we were originally searching for. For example, I am now using census data to research minority percentages in the U.S., but only for the median year since the data was not collected for each year in our research timeline.