Week 3: Sales

On Monday I went to the BayaniBrew Manila office, a rustic two story configuration by the river in Makati. I went over my work schedule with one of my supervisors, Erwin, and then headed back to my apartment to work on the big deck I have due at the end of my internship. The next day I shadowed Joy, a saleswoman, around the city. We stopped at around 20 stores checking the stock, taking pictures of the displays, checking the dates on the available supply, and then distributing reorder suggestion forms. Unfortunately I had to end early that day due to being sick the entire previous night, which I suspect was from a milk tea place I’d tried next to my apartment. Wednesday was a Muslim holiday and I went to Shake Shack with Matt and JD and we spent more time on High Street. Thursday I was shadowing Joy again but this time we spent the day at a newly opened grocery store distributing samples to customers. Joy’s method was working harder not smarter which was frustrating to observe. I also realized how strongly the Philippines represents organized chaos. There are police or guards outside most establishments and you usually have to go through a metal detector and get your bag searched at malls, but they’re not thorough. The traffic takes hours to get through but I haven’t yet seen an accident. And finally, the cleanliness. When we were preparing samples to distribute, I had to suggest the use of gloves, which seemed like second nature to me as we would be handling other people’s drinks. There we were, in a nice, renovated grocery store with meticulously organized shelves and there was no soap in the bathroom.

Selfie with JoyDistributing Samples

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