Blog Post 3

This week I began drafting my paper by creating “introduction” and “theoretical framework” sections. Within these two, the readers will find background knowledge about “minute sketches” and their applicability to different subjects. Many articles are cited within these (for 2 pages, I have already acquired a double-digit number of sources). I have also been in touch with Emma Arents to discuss further actions regarding the continuation of her thesis.

This coming week will include the preparation of videos for the use in the study, as well as a brief presentation to my PI (Dr Paul Heideman). He will decide whether my work has been adequate or if I need to make better progress-I am assuming it will be the latter of the two. Once these videos are complete, we will be able to finalize any adjustments to the protocol and begin recruiting participants.

It might be difficult to find participants, since this study is catered towards high school students. Because of this, it might be wise to wait until the high school academic year begins. With this in mind, we will begin conducting research regarding the ethics of what we are studying. In other words, will one variable group receive a better grade average than the other, and in this case, how do we prevent this from affecting the participants’ GPAs? This is something I will personally have a conversation with Dr Heideman about.

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