Week 1- Community Health Research in a Clinic Serving the Uninsured and Underinsured

This summer I will be doing research regarding obtaining information and becoming familiar with records that show how the uninsured and under-insured are treated in the system. For my first week I was to first become familiar with the local clinic in Williamsburg. Olde Towne Medical Center is the main focus of the research at the moment. Therefore, in order to get a bit familiar with the clinic and a few things they do, I researched them and read some articles written by my supervisor, Professor Obasanjo, about finding regarding dental care and diabetes to see how the uninsured and under-insured function within this medical institution. I then compiled information in a table over the past five years of patient profiles. This will allow me to compare and contrast the information from the years 2014-2018 to see if there has been a decline or rise in efforts made to better the conditions and facilities they are able to access.