Week #3 Update

The third week of my research has mainly consisted of continuing scans of EY on TiO2 at 5×10^-10M, single molecule concentrations. I have been taking scans of EY on TiO2 under different laser power settings. This was done after retaking power measurements to create an updated power chart based on waveplate and ND filter settings. The goal of experimenting with different laser powers is to achieve single molecule densities similar to EY on Glass substrate. Through this, data collection of blinking traces becomes more efficient and our scans are also more easily comparable between the two Glass and TiO2 substrates. Experimenting with these different powers, I determined the most optimal power to be 1.45uW which achieved the molecular densities desired, while not being too much power to result in photobleaching nor too underwhelming, such that seeing single molecules on scans becomes difficult.

My goals for the upcoming week is to continue taking more data at the 1.45uW power setting. Additionally, these scans have all been taken on AIR, however I still need to collect more data of EY on TiO2 under N2 conditions as well. With these goals in mind, I plan on trying to at least get around 30-50 single molecules worth of data by the end of the week.