Blog Post 4

This week had a lot of change in store for the Heideman lab. After reading Wu and Rau, 2019, my P.I. decided that a lot of things needed to be adjusted for my project. Rather than a continuation of Emma Arents’ thesis, he would rather see something catered more towards STEM drawing and preparation for professionals.

This study could be very long, as it would require an extreme length of time to track students’ drawing skills on their path towards professionalism. Another constraint is that many prospective STEM workers may not end up with the profession that they would like, which would mean that their data would not be quite as useful. On the contrary, we could analyze their sketches and see if they could be considered “inferior” to those who ultimately end up with a profession in STEM. With this in mind, a study like this could easily take at least 10 years, which is just not possible with the time I have.

This week will be a lot of reading while I begin to write a protocol for the coming year. We could have a smaller pilot study to measure short-term effects on sketches and if those who are less successful are putting them to use poorly when compared to those who are succeeding. I expect this week to be busy, as I need to make up for the time I will be missing due to my departure on Friday.