Woody Internship:Colonial Williamsburg Week 1

Hello All!

This post is long overdue due to technical difficulties, but it is better late than never. My name is Katie Gibson, and I am the Summer 2019 Woody Intern at Colonial Williamsburg! I am currently a rising junior at the College of William and Mary majoring in History and American Studies.

For my internship I will be working in the paintings and sculpture department of Colonial Williamsburg. My first day started out by visiting the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller museum. Even though I have visited the museum before I was specifically interested in looking at objects that pertained to my curatorial department. I also attended a special tour called “Meet the Curator” with Mrs. Kim Ivy who works in textiles. After these site visits I immediately began research on a miniature of William Sanford by Thomas Sully. For the next couple of days I worked on the genealogy of Sanford and found mention of him in a masonic lodge book. On Thursday of that week I started researching a fraktur by Henry Young. Frakturs are decoratively painted forms of documentation often popular within the German community. This particular fraktur was written in German but appeared to be a birth certificate for Elizabeth Sierer of Union County, Pennsylvania. Upon further research and translation I learned that she died when she was only a year old and the fraktur served as her birth and death certificate. After studying the genealogy of the Sierer family, I wanted to learn more about the artist. I checked out a book from the Rockefeller library that was about the history of Union County. I found mention of Henry Young as a school teacher in the town. It was custom that the school teacher also be involved with the local church, and this is where Young most likely would have began creating frakturs. Stay tuned for more interesting research finds!


  1. mfguzzano says:

    What you have uncovered so far is indeed interesting and it seems like a fun project. I was wondering what in particular attracted you to research this particular topic? Additionally, I was wondering what you hoped to uncover over the course of your research? Also for your research are you mostly looking things up in books and online or are you physically going out to museums and other-such historical places?