Blog Post 5

This week was very productive, as Emma and I submitted our IRB information to begin our study this year, which is a continuation of her thesis. The reason we cannot begin now is because the high school academic year is not yet in progress. Because of this, the remainder of the summer will be spent in preparation for the coming semesters. We have begun to reach out to high schools in Virginia to discuss their participation in our research.

Some of these schools participated in her thesis last year, while others will be new (such as Newport News public schools). This will be slightly challenging due to the order of the different schools’ curricula. We will have to have materials ready for multiple units of introductory high school biology. Common videos we make will be along the topics of cell division, evolution and photosynthesis-to name a few.

This coming week, I will be out of town. However, the following week Emma and I will begin constructing these videos. Hopefully by then we will have heard from some school districts regarding their participation. If all goes well, we might also have an idea of the introductory units so that we can get started on that.

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