Week #5 Update

During the previous week, I had issues with contamination of my sintered blank glass and sintered TiO2 batches I make using the muffler furnace. After cleaning the oven by heating it at 1000C. However, after making this week’s batch I noticed I still had contaminants. The new protocol for properly ridding of these contaminants is now to heat the oven at 1000C for a few hours beforehand for every batch made. With this resolved, I have continued taking scans of EY on TiO2 at 5×10^-10M concentrations to continue building a data set. Within this data set, molecules are determined as either good or bad via a threshold. This threshold utilizes a CPD3dark Matlab code that allows us to compile blinking traces taken of just blank glass with TiO2. This determines a threshold that accounts for just the laser itself, rather than any photophysical events. I plan on refining this threshold in order to essentially increase our ‘good’ molecules and further increase the usable data set. This will be done by taking more of these blinking traces of blank sintered TiO2 Further distinguishing of contaminated data will done to ensure our data set contains truly ‘good’ molecules and nothing else, parsing out our contaminated data.