Post 2

Over the past weeks of research preparation, the design for my study has transformed quite a bit in order to fit a more dependable method of measurement and a more narrow research question.

I have changed the format through which my test surveys will be presented in order to allow participants to focus more on the independent variables. The new format is also more of a natural environment for the type of content which they will see.

Additionally, I have altered the specific stimuli in my new test surveys to access a broader participant pool. The changes will also make any main effects clearer by keeping one aspect of the survey constant among all participants. Finally, these new decisions simplify my overall design: instead of six conditions, I will only be using four.

Furthermore, I have updated the tasks that participants will use in my study. Now, participants will complete two computer tasks in addition to my short test survey. The addition of a second computer task should generate consistent results, and another method of measurement should serve to solidify my findings.