Week 3 and 4 Progress

These past two weeks have consisted of going through sources and finding things to put in a literature review. I have finished collecting sources and am now working on a literature review consisting of up to date research that has been done on State Education Agencies. So far, I have discovered that there is not a lot of research that has been completed on these agencies which I have mentioned in previous posts. I have collected 37 sources that consist of journal articles, books, blogs, and other articles. Many reiterated things stated in other sources while others were very narrow. These two weeks I had to decipher which sources were most relevant to my literature review before I began writing. I can clearly see that sources discovered at the beginning of my bibliography are very different than the ones found towards the end of my bibliography. I had to discover which path I was interested in researching and focus on those key questions and topics. Going through my sources, I have discovered that the kinds of sources changed and how I found them changed. With the guidance of my research advisor and a research librarian, I learned to look at specific journals and databases to find relevant sources. In the coming week I will write my literature review and develop questions that will then lead to further research.

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