Final Preparations

The last week has been very busy, as I have been preparing all of the stimuli for my study. I have spent a lot of time working with Qualtrics in sending out two surveys to pilot my stimuli. Perhaps the most difficult task so far was finding a diverse sample to pilot my images (who could not be participants later), and getting complete results quickly.

In order to limit manual data entry and keep my results as organized as possible, all of the questionnaires that participants will complete are online, in a Qualtrics survey. Additionally, I am halfway through preparing the test Qualtrics surveys that contain my test survey pages, of which there are four: female/overweight models, female/thin models, male/overweight models, and male/thin models. I am using both male and female participants for my study, so upon recruiting participants, they will randomly be put into either the thin or overweight model condition.

I spent some time one day preparing one task through the program E-Prime. Creating the task was actually very simply once I understood the easiest way to upload images, but I appreciate the new, daunting experience of learning a computer program, especially as someone who is not particularly tech-savvy.

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