Week #6 Update

This week’s research mainly consisted of continuing to take more data of EY on TiO2 under both oxic (air) and anoxic (N2) environments. We have been continually taking blinking trace data of these single molecules. By continually building a larger data set, we can then move towards running the data set through clauset analysis. This allows us to see how well distributions of ON segments and OFF segments of our blinking data fit to certain distributions. These distributions will give us insight into the underlying kinetics of EY. We have continued to parse out the contaminated data and also considering whether certain molecules on the border of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ should be included or not. Additionally, after compiling multiple workups of our scans and corresponding blinking traces, we have a more concrete idea of how EY on TiO2 should qualitatively look like, in air and N2 compared to EY on glass.

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Finishing my first full experiment

Throughout the last few weeks, I have been steadily working on completing my first full experiment; attempting to finish three trials that produce viable data that can be used for future publications. I believe that my progress has gone very well and I have been able to obtain multiple trials of usable data.

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Working with cell lines

The main activity of my research deals with maintaining, handling, and altering cell lines to observe and obtain data on our protein of interest. Throughout the summer so far, I have performed cell seeding, transfection, and fixation of my cells.

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Woody Internship: Colonial Williamsburg Week 4

Colonial Williamsburg has many components that set it aside from other museums. Getting to work behind of scenes of such a diverse place has given me terrific insight into how all of those pieces fit together. From conservation to curatorship to the museum itself, there are many steps that an object has to go through before making it on view to the public. This process would not run near as smoothly as it does without the help of volunteers. The volunteers are genuinely passionate about their work and are always eager to help in any way they can. Volunteers can work in the museum by helping direct visitors or answering questions about objects on display. In week four, I was tasked with finding reading material on folk artists in our collection to give to the volunteers as a reference source. After compiling a booklet of information, we got a call from the museum wanting to know more about the Smith Family portrait in our collection. I pulled the file on the piece and found that a large amount of research had been done. I read through the file and compiled information into an email to send back to the museum. The Smith family portrait is very interesting as it captures a mother surrounded by her children. James Smith is the artist and he is said to have painted himself in the right hand side of the painting. Due to copyright issues I am not able to post a picture of the painting, but I highly recommend visiting Colonial Williamsburg to see this wonderful piece and to learn more about it.

Week 5 Progress

This week I wrote a literature review. I had to take relevant sources and summarize my findings over the past few weeks. Writing the review was new for me because I was started with almost 40 sources. I was not used to writing a review with so many sources and was unsure at times where to begin. I separated my sources into five sections; types of reform, problems, solutions, problems/solutions, and unsure. I then fit the articles under various headings based on the category they were paired with. I began the review with an introduction followed by a short history of State Education Agencies. I then broke down types of reforms, problems, solutions, and questions that need to be answered. I found that many of the sources were repetitive, and many points were interesting but irrelevant to the review. I also found that with some articles, I was unsure where to place them. I found that these articles had value, but I was not sure where they fit in the review without appearing random. This is a first draft and I have much to improve, but this literature review will lead me to my next steps of a more narrow path to take in my research. This upcoming week I will meet with my advisor and make revisions to the draft I completed in week 5.