Week 5 Progress

This week I wrote a literature review. I had to take relevant sources and summarize my findings over the past few weeks. Writing the review was new for me because I was started with almost 40 sources. I was not used to writing a review with so many sources and was unsure at times where to begin. I separated my sources into five sections; types of reform, problems, solutions, problems/solutions, and unsure. I then fit the articles under various headings based on the category they were paired with. I began the review with an introduction followed by a short history of State Education Agencies. I then broke down types of reforms, problems, solutions, and questions that need to be answered. I found that many of the sources were repetitive, and many points were interesting but irrelevant to the review. I also found that with some articles, I was unsure where to place them. I found that these articles had value, but I was not sure where they fit in the review without appearing random. This is a first draft and I have much to improve, but this literature review will lead me to my next steps of a more narrow path to take in my research. This upcoming week I will meet with my advisor and make revisions to the draft I completed in week 5.

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