Woody Internship: Colonial Williamsburg Week 5

In my fifth week with Colonial Williamsburg, I began working on an extensive project to catalog objects that were apart of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Collection that had been sold to her by Edith Halpert. Edith Halpert was a leading women in the early collecting of folk and modern art in the United States. She started her own gallery called “The Downtown Gallery” in 1926 in New York City. Halpert sold many objects to Mrs. Rockefeller, who in turn, gave them to Colonial Williamsburg. I went through the files of about two hundred objects and added Halpert as the known dealer. Now it is easier to know exactly which objects passed through Halpert on to Mrs. Rockefeller with just one search. Even though this task was different from my previous research jobs, it gave me a sense of what others things curators do besides the research aspect of the job. It was also interesting to learn about an important women in the world of collecting that I had never heard of before!

Woody Internship – Taft Museum of Art – Blog 4

Did you know Nicholas Longworth and David Sinton both had steamships named after them? I didn’t either. At least, I didn’t know that until half the results of my database search turned out to be about boats instead of people. That’s just one mystery of my research this summer: figuring out which source is about a person and which is about a steamship. That is one of the many reasons I’ve come to characterize this project as a treasure hunt. Sometimes you strike gold with in-depth articles about your subjects; sometimes you find a dozen steamship timetables.

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Week 6 at the National Assembly for Wales

This week was off to a start with me working on a brief for my AM to ask a follow-up question during Plenary. The question was asking for a progress report on the Arbed scheme in Wales, a program designed to retrofit houses with energy-saving measures. The scheme provides new boilers, wall cladding and smart meters, amongst other things, to low-income families so they can decrease their energy bills and move out of fuel property. This week I also spent some time drafting questions for two separate days of Plenary. I created a list of questions to ask the environment minister, ranging from things like asking about the progress of national tree-building programs to asking about if the government had considered carbon recycling programs to meet its emissions goals. I also came up with a list of more general questions for the First Minister, asking about updates on Welsh-language learning initiatives and carbon-neutral home building programs.

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Week 4: Are You Capable Enough to Be a Teacher?

This week I started volunteering at the shelter.

When we arrived to VFI and discussed our duties as interns, our supervisor told us that if we had free time and any skills we would be willing to teach the girls at the shelter, anything we could do would be greatly appreciated. The VFI shelter here in Vientiane houses girls and young women who are at-risk of being trafficked, have been trafficked or have experienced domestic violence. At the shelter, they are given housing, counseling, and livelihood-generating support through vocational training and life skills training. All of this is done with the objective of reducing the girls chances of being trafficked or re-trafficked. Because I am working with the Protection and Empowerment of Women and Children (PEWC) Office this summer, I was excited to do what I could to help out.

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