Week 5

This week I continued to enter data into an excel for based on the same information I have been working on for the past few weeks. Information about the significance of this data means can be found below:

“Olde Towne Medical Center gives an evaluation form on Patient Experience and Satisfaction for each patient they serve.  Most of the questions are graded from 5 (most positive) to 1 (least positive).  The graded quantitative data is easy to transfer into a data base but the form also asks for written comments on what makes the patients like the service of the clinic and why they do not like about the service of the clinic.”

I am entering the written comments into excel that will be merged with the quantitative data in a database for analyses.


This week I was focused more on the not so positive comments the patients made about the medical center. There seemed to be a trend regarding these as well. Most of the negative comments dealt with the phone system. The patients expressed that when they tried to reach the medical center by phone, they were hard to get a hold of. They went into more detail saying they got not response, it took forever to book an appointment or the staff at the medical center took forever to call the patients back, if at all, if they left a message. Another trend I saw was many of the patients thought the wait to see the nurse or doctor took a long time, in addition to walk-ins. Lastly, the patients felt that it took too long to get test results and refills on their prescriptions back.




  1. phardner says:

    This is interesting, as the comments mentioned are either really positive or really negative. Do you think you’ll publish anything on the neutral comments, or are there very few of those? I guess it would be difficult to say what you like/dislike about something you would rate as a 3/5.
    Whatever the case, I think this is a really interesting study because it is uncommon to look into patient satisfaction.

  2. mnwarner says:

    The comments that I am recording have no neutral options unfortunately; however, I record the written ones where patients can choose anything about the medical center that they like or dislike.