Week 9: Children and UXOs

If you ask most people my age if they want children, you will get a variety of answers. Some will say yes! I love kids. Others will say eventually. And if they are my friends a decent amount of them will say they have no intention of having their own children. Adoption is on the table but not having any kids would also suffice. I am in the camp that I don’t know what I will want that far in the future as I don’t know what I want for myself in the next year. But for me there are more reasons not to have children than to have them. One of them being that this planet is already overpopulated and there have not been enough efforts made to make sure our planet survives after the next 30 years which makes me wonder whether bringing another child in the world is a good idea. 

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Experimental stall

Over a few of weeks of my individual research, I ran into significant stalls in progress and data collection. Whether it be from mishaps throughout the process of a trial or learning through microscopy that a trial was unusable due to poor visibility of my cells, my experimentation was slowed down for a short period of time. I honestly became disappointed and frustrated with the progress that I had been making because of the seemingly constant issues that I was running into. I was however, reassured many times from my colleagues and research professor that this was simply a part of science and that it is quite commonplace within a lab. Since this brief rough patch, I have learned how to deal with the sometimes slow pace of research and that things occasionally go wrong. Through this experience I was actually able to gain more confidence in my knowledge and practices, and believe that it will only strengthen me moving forward.

Week 6: Hobbies or Side Hustle?

In an earlier post, I bemoaned my lack of hobbies. Like a decent amount of children and teenagers, I took up a variety of activities and hobbies when I was a child that I do not continue to partake in. When I was eight, my best friend and I decided that we would start a clothing line. So I had my mother buy a sewing machine and I managed to draw a design on a t-shirt and sew basically nothing. Two years ago I bought tracing paper and dusted off my sewing machine, hoping my mature mind would be able to do what eight year old me could not. Update: I think I broke the sewing machine when I was eight.

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Week 7

This week, my labmate and I started to focus more on another project that we started involving Flo11 gene and GFP expression. The main idea is to isolate the Flo11 proteins from two strains of yeast using magnetic tiny beads. The main proponents of this protocol were to lyse the cells and isolate the proteins from the rest of the part of the cells.

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Week 1: A little late but just in time (I think)! Written 7/13

Hello from South Korea! I have been reading and getting ready from quite a while ago but only “started” my actual research last week as I landed in Korea. While I was a little worried about this delay (I was supposed to come at least two weeks ago), I was lucky enough to get in contact with Seoul Deaf School’s faculty member right away.

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