Participant Recruitment

For my study, I am looking to recruit at at least 120 male and female undergrads from William and Mary. Going into this, I am aware that recruiting male participants is a common struggle in most psychology research, and I experienced some of that frustration in getting results for my pilot survey. However, I am interested in any gender differences regarding the effect of implicit stereotypes on cognitive responses to food, so I will do my best to pull participants as equally as possible.

In order to recruit participants, I have decided to utilize social media as well as general tactics. I will post in groups consisting of students studying at the College for the summer, and have also designed a flyer which I will post around campus and in the residence halls that are being occupied by students.

While I want to run as many participants as I can this summer, I am prepared to continue recruiting and running into the fall semester.


  1. mnwarner says:

    This research topic seems very interesting and unique. I have never heard of any research regarding stereotypes affecting cognitive responses to food. I am excited to see where your research takes you and hope you get all the participants you need.

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