After a stretch of experimental stagnation, I was able to overcome my struggles and again began collecting usable data. My lab was able to order a new antibody that allowed for my cells to be more easily observed through microscopy which greatly helped me obtain new viable trials and collect more and better data. I also sharpened my lab techniques and slide preparation that allowed for better observations of my cells. This new resurgence in my experimentation has boosted my morale and has allowed me to further my individual experiment.


  1. tmprioleau says:

    Hey! I am glad that your experiment is working well! What was wrong with the antibody before you had to get a new one? Was the antibody that you used before expired?

  2. kmreed01 says:

    Hi Kylan! I’m glad everything is on the upswing for your research. Protocol optimization can definitely be frustrating, especially when any small mistake can cause an experiment to go off track. What issues were you having with your antibody? Is there a specific reason you’re using immunofluorescence rather than tagging your proteins of interest with a fluorescent protein like GFP or mCherry? Good luck with the rest of your experiments!

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