7th Week of Research

Hi Readers,

During my 7th week of research, I began working with a mutant strain of C. elegans that does not express the anaphase promoting complex. The APC mutant emb-27 will arrest cells in metaphase I of meiosis, but other cellular processes will continue to occur after anaphase I should be occurring; for example, the residual body still forms when spermatids should be budding from the residual body. This mutant will allow us to continue to characterize SUMO’s role throughout the meiotic division zone, even when the chromatin is not moving through the sequential cellular divisions. I have had some hiccups with the permeabilization step required to allow the SUMO antibody access to SUMO, which is within the cells of the gonad. I will try varying amounts of permeabilization in my next prep to determine the sufficient amount to allow visualization of SUMO.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to conduct research this summer in the Shakes’ lab through a Charles Center Research Grant. I have been able to characterize SUMO throughout spermatogenesis in the C. elegans gonad in a much more in-depth manner than I ever would have during the semester. I look forward to continuing my investigate of this extremely interesting protein.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my summer research! Please leave any questions in the comments section.

Katie McDonald

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