Lab Upkeep

Throughout the summer I have learned that one of the most important parts about performing research is keeping the lab clean and tidy. Whether it be restocking lab equipment, wiping down lab benches, washing dishes, or using the autoclave to sanitize equipment, keeping a neat lab is necessary to actually perform good research. The autoclave is a machine that uses extremely hot steam to sanitize materials such as glassware or even trash to be thrown out. Lab upkeep and cleanup is a job that every lab member is responsible for and it truly takes a team effort to get it done. If the lab were to be messy, we would run the risk of contaminating cell cultures and lab equipment, preventing us from producing any viable data. Thankfully, I have been blessed with a great group of colleagues in lab that all put in great effort to keep the lab as clean as possible and running smoothly.

Living Shoreline- Week 5

Week 5


This week’s summary?

‘And just as everything started to work like a well oiled machine, a cog broke,’.

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Living Shoreline- Week 4

Hey again all! Sorry to fall behind again, I just finished for the summer and realized I hadn’t been keeping up!

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Week 5 Update

This week I’ve been wrapping up my secondary research. The largest challenge I face when formulating my final essay will be providing a concise yet comprehensive history of blackface in America. The history of minstrelsy in America is complex, and it is important that I examine every facet of minstrelsy’s past and legacy in order to provide proper context for my primary evidence. From the sources I’ve examined, I’ve seen how different factions of society produced and consumed minstrelsy with diverse goals and intentions. The authors of these sources also examine the legacies created by minstrelsy and how different groups over time have interpreted the practice.

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Week 2: Week two done too! Written 7/20

Howdy from Busan this time!

This week I had the opportunity to look into Busan Baewha School. Located in Busan, the second biggest city after Seoul, Busan Baewha school is one of the few schools that I have heard about constantly on and offline for being a prominent Deaf institution. On a side note, the school is also well known for being the first in all of South Korea to bloom cherry blossoms. Sadly there weren’t any cherry blossoms amid the summer heat when I visited, but I was welcomed by a little note that informed me of six alumnae from 99 years ago who fought against Japanese imperialism. They were recently (just last year—2018—to be exact) acknowledged as national contributors (sorry about the weird translation) when feminist organizations brought the issue up.

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