Over the past week, I condensed my notes from Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble and Bodies That Matter. Then, I extracted the quotes necessary to help with my description of her metaphysical framework.

From here, I will finish and revise (forever and ever) this description and then pick back up my work on the application of her metaphysics to a Kantian framework. This application is an interpretive comparison through a series of analogies and disanalogies as well as criticisms. I am currently working on a document that is 25 pages right now with innumerable bullets points.

Throughout this summer, the kitchen table and one of the couches in the living room have become covered in books and scribbled notes… I feel like an evil scientist– without the evilness or science. I am looking forward to the final product! This has certainly been an arduous journey, but I feel so grateful for how much I have learn and grown because of it.