Running the Study

After several weeks of design, preparation, and last-minute adjustments, I am now in the process of recruiting and running participants in my research study. In the past three and a half weeks, I have been coordinating with students on campus to come to the lab and get the data that I need, and so far I am very pleased with the turnout.

Finding eligible participants for my study is not a difficult task, because the only reason that I would have to turn hopeful participants away would be because they have provided data for one or two of the other members of my lab, whose own studies use similar measures to mine. So far, sharing participants across research studies has been successful, and I am pleased that I have both been able to help out my labmates, as well as have them recommend their participants to my study in return.

My study runs relatively quickly, as most participants are finished in 30-40 minutes. I begin each session by explaining to them the procedure, as well as that all of their data will remain completely confidential. Upon hearing this, they sign a consent form, indicate their current levels of hunger, and we begin the experiment, where they complete two surveys and two computer tasks. Once they have completed all tasks, I measure their height and weight and ask for the last time they ate and what they had, as well as what they believe is the purpose of my research study. Each participant earns $10, and I compile their data into an organized binder. Currently, I have had 25 participants for my study.



  1. tmprioleau says:

    Hello! Your research sounds interesting and I am glad everything is running smoothly for you! What was your favorite aspect of doing research this summer?

  2. ejclinton says:

    I think my favorite part is collecting data! It’s interesting to me to glance over people’s responses based on the condition they were randomly placed in.

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