Update from week 7/15/19

This week was slower in the lab. Everyone in the lab had the opportunity to meet two PLUS-S students. These students are incoming freshmen that are interested in the sciences and we should them what research is like at the College of William and Mary. I trained one of the students in cell fixation and she did a wonderful job! The PLUS-S student mounted the microscope slides with ease! She was a natural! I hope she considers doing STEM research in the coming years. Any lab would be happy to have her.

I also trained one of my lab mates that was not able to make it to lab training earlier in the summer in plasmid prep and tissue culture techniques. My labmate that I was training did a great job and keep reassuring her that she is doing well. Stepping into a biology research lab is not an easy feat. There will be times that you will be confused but, eventually, it will all become second nature.

Even though I was mainly training this week, I maintained my stock cells so they will not die. Every week you are supposed to make a new flask of cells to keep your own personal cell line going. Since I did not do an experiment this week, I transferred a smaller amount of cells from the old flask to the new flask to prevent overgrowth.