The Final Days – Blog Post 7

We harvested 25 experimental plants on Thursday, August 1. We harvested even more plants over the weekend of August 2, for a grand total of 75 plants harvested. Throughout the harvests, we noticed some general trends. First, the roots with the highest experimental treatment (8 larvae) seemed to have the most damage. We could usually find one live larva feeding on these roots, which I always found exciting. The larvae were only about the size of my fingertip and about twice as big as when we introduced them to the plants. At introduction, the larvae were a golden color, but, at harvest, they were a creamier color. I am so interested in the final analysis of all the data we took to see how/if it all relates to each other. I am also really thankful to students in Dr. Puzey’s lab for volunteering to help us with the big harvests on Thursday and Friday!


The team harvesting plants in the W&M greenhouse