A Speggtactular Summer – Final SUMMERy!

Spending an entire summer doing biological research, and pursuing my own project, was something I never imagined I would do, but here I am! Being able to spend my summer here in Williamsburg was an amazing opportunity and definitely an experience which I will look back upon fondly.

Real scientists wear lab coats B-)

Here is the result of my unofficial professional photoshoot #businesscasual

Doing research during the semester is great but having the opportunity to spend my summer on campus, focused solely on research (without any classes to distract me), was invaluable. My lab partner and I were able to dedicate so many hours to our work, giving it (and all of its issues) the time it deserved to result in good, accurate data. 

Although we did go into the summer with the hope of sending off RNA to be sequenced, we did not quite achieve this goal. There were many unforeseen obstacles and challenges which required more time than we had imagined, but as we head into the fall semester to continue our research, we are much more confident in our procedure and the quality of our samples, and will hopefully (fingers crossed) reach our goal of sending samples to be sequenced within a few weeks of being back at school. 

Overall, I had an amazing time doing research, writing blog posts, and exploring Williamsburg this summer. Research can be demanding and frustrating at times, but it is also so rewarding. I have learned so much and gained so much experience over the past two months, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. Can’t wait to start back up again in the fall : )

Until next time!

My lab partner and I spent approximately 5.184 x 10^6 seconds together this summer! And we're still friends!

My lab partner and I spent approximately 5.184 x 10^6 seconds together this summer! And we’re still friends! #sluuurp


  1. I’m glad to hear that you had such an awesome time doing research (as did I)! I’m sorry there didn’t end up being enough time for you to send off your RNA to be sequenced. But I’ve also ended up having unforeseen obstacles and challenges that prevented me from being able to collect all the data I was hoping to gather. This seems to be a super common theme in research. Thank you for sharing your adventures and discoveries!