Tent of Nations 2019 [9]: Conclusions and Further Thoughts

5:05 pm, August 28th, Wesley House

The research that I did was community based participatory research: I went into a community willing to learn and grow from the people whom I met, and I was able to share what I knew as well, and provide my resources and build a partnership with Tent of Nations I hope to sustain through my presence here at William and Mary and with faith groups around Williamsburg. 

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Tent of Nations 2019 [8]: Testimonials

10:40 pm, August 24th, Wesley House

I asked the volunteers to create testimonials (short stories about why Tent of Nations’s summer camp was important to them) and send them to me or Daoud to put them on the Tent of Nations website. This will be shorter than most of my blogs, but here is my testimonial (I could’ve written so many, but this one is very special to me):

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